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Marbleizing- Coolest Thing Ever!

What is marbleizing?

Marbleizing is one of the most ancient forms of printmaking still in use today….Ebru, or simply put, marbleizing!

Ebru art dates back to the 14oo’s, and originated in Turkey. Ebru is the art of floating paint or ink on a water base and creating a one of a kind, intricate and bold pattern. The pattern is then transferred by ‘printing’ on various different mediums such as silk, cloth, ceramic bisque, wood or paper!

It is a truly magical art form that is intriguing, mesmerizing and fun…WATCH!

Come to COB51 and create your very own piece of Ebru art!


We offer our marbleizing on a walk in basis, as a private party option (birthday, bachelorette, bridal and more). We will even bring this magical experience to your home office or any location you secure!! IMG_6035

You can choose between many options such as hats, visors, several types of bags and purses, silk scarves, neck or bow ties, wooden objects and frames or any of our ceramic bisque

pieces. Prices are based on the pieces you choose to marbleize. We have items from $7.50 and up.

We have Holiday Ornaments, ceramic trees, snowmen jars and more in stock now!


Contact us today to schedule your next party, we guarantee you have never experienced any party like this before!